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  • Formulation Research

  • Institute Introduction

    We, a formulation research institute, are developing cosmetic formulations which can stably maintain raw materials such as stem cell contained media. Effective substances of our products can beeasilyabsorbed to the skin and composed of hypoallergenic raw materials that are not harmful.We constantly research in order to realize various textures & formulations, and concentrate onR&Dconsideringsatisfaction of Customer Companiesandconsumersas the first priority.

    Research Field and Main Business
    New Cosmetic Formulation
    Formulation research using emulsion method such as nano-emulsion, liposome, and liquid crystalfor skin absorption of effective substances and stabilization of formulation.
    Select Raw Material
    Searching and selecting the best raw materials customized for customers’ needs, and apply them to formulations.
    Research of unique cosmetic formulation
    Special research of cosmetic which is beyond ordinary formulations.
    Dermatology Basic Research
    Research on skin biology related to trouble generation, pigment, signaltransmission system, andpermeation.

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